East Grinstead Society

Mr Leppard has very kindly supplied a list of East Grinstead Society’s Bulletins containing articles about Sackville College:

  • 114 (Autumn 2015, to be circulated in November):

J.M. Neale and Railways (expanded from a short piece in the Friends’ Autumn 2014 Newsletter) and

The Homes of the Sisterhood of the Society of St Margaret at 8, Church Lane, June 1856-June 1858; 1 Church Lane and 73-75 High Street

  • 88 (Spring 2006): J.M. Neale in Latin and English
  • 96 (Winter 2008-09): The earliest residents of Sackville College 1622-32; Peter Alexander Williams, Warden 1969-80, founder of the Friends 1976
  • 97 (Summer 2009): Raymond H. Wood (1900-79), historian of the Colege, and his wife, Winifred H. Wood (1901-2001), established guides and became Assistant Warden
  • 106 (Summer 2012): Earliest photographs of the College, 1855-56
  • 108 (Winter 2012-13): Thomas William Bush, astronomer, College resident 1924-28
  • 110 (Autumn 2013): Alice Eva Cheal (1903-2007), College resident 1984-c. 2005
  • 111 (Spring 2014): J.M. Neale as ‘A Master of English Prose’

The principal contents of all the Society’s Bulletins and details of how to obtain any issues still in print will be found on its website: Copyright is held by the Society. M.J.Leppard (Editor).

(Copies are also available to read at East Grinstead Museum).